Why Certification

Certification Requirements

Every Upcycler seeking to sell their products on UPcycled City’s site is required to be certified in order to ensure that they meet the definition of Upcycling:

“The repurposing of waste or discarded materials into a new product with a higher value.”

  • There is no charge to the UPcycler for certification.
  • All Upcyclers must achieve a minimum score of 70 out of 100 to be certified.

Certification Requirements

The certification questionnaire consists of three sections that address the products; material composition, manufacturing lifecycle analysis and environmental issues.

The questionnaire also seeks to support the common methods of Upcycling by creating transparency for all our stakeholders.

Any Upcycler found not to be in compliance with the definition of Upcycling will not be certified.

If you should fail to achieve initial certification you will be allowed to re-take the certification.

If at any time we identify a need for follow up questions we will contact you and we reserve the right to ask you to submit a product sample at your expense for further review.

Each product category requires a separate certification. e. g. If you are selling Women’s clothing and want to add Women’s accessories then you will be required to certify in the new category.

Terms of Certification

Periodically we will review the Upcycler’s product listings to ensure they continue to comply with our certification standards. Any Upcycler found not to be in compliance with the definition of Upycling or UPcyclity’s mission and values will be removed as a seller.

Your certification is an assurance to UPcycled City that the information provided by the UPcycler is true and correct.

Certification Logo


site-certOnce certified, the Upcycler can use the UPcycled City certification logo on their web site and products. The logo is a registered trademark of UPcycled City and seeks to create trust with all stakeholders. It also helps build awareness and advocacy for Upcycling as a green and sustainable practice that allows the conservation of non-renewable resources while reducing our waste stream. The UP logo will also assist you in leveraging your products and brand.