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Selling in two or more product categories

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Free Services

As part of our commitment to making UPcycling more accessible, we offer the following free services to our community: UPcycling certification, creating a personal account, setting up your UPcycling shop and seller profile, and community participation and interaction.

Listing Fees

There are no fees for listing an item for sale on UPcycled City.


When you sell an item we will charge you 3% commission on the total sale which includes the selling price, shipping costs and any other fees such as sales tax collected.

If you add a surcharge to an order, e.g. because you have customized an item at the buyer’s request, we way calculate the 3% commission in the same way for this surcharge.

If you give a customer a discount on an order, the 3% commission is calculated on the basis of the original price of the order. As such, the commission fee for a sale is not reduced if you provide a discount.

Selling in Two or More Product Categories

Adding items to your shop in a second product category than you have been certified for is free but you must be re-certified in the new product category prior to listing products for sale.

Transaction fees

When you make a sale on UPcycled City, you will be charged a Transaction or Payment processing fee of 3.0% of the selling price of the item. This percentage does not include the shipping cost or sales tax. Transaction fees are deducted from your shop payout account as funds become available and the payment processing fees will be reflected in your Shop Payment Account.

Advertising and Marketing Services fees

UPcycled city offers advertising and marketing services to help you increase the visibility of your UPcycled products and marketplace shop. Advertising fees vary by product or marketing service offered. All fees are clearly outlined before you commit to purchasing from us. Advertising and marketing fees are charged at the time of purchase and payment transaction fees are deducted from your shop payout as funds become available.

Sales Billing

When a customer buys something from you, they are required to settle at the time of purchase so there should be no question about payment for goods sold.