Community Outreach

Community & UPcycled City™

Environmental stewardship and community activity go hand-in-hand with our mission to help eliminate waste through UPcycling. We also seek to align our core values with all our stakeholders, both local and global. The word Community is a key part of our name and represents one of the main pillars that we stand on. We constantly seek to engage the UPcycling community by:

  • Supporting causes that seek to advocate Green Initiatives beyond Upcycling such as: water conservation, reduction of GHG emissions, waste recycling, and community sharing and trading.
  • Designate UPcycled City Ambassadors in local communities and support them in establishing local education programs on the benefits of UPcycling
  • Partner with waste and charity organizations to encourage donations by our members of waste materials.

Community Outreach:

  • Each UPcycled City employee is encouraged to volunteer at a non-profit social service program.
  • Employees are allowed one/half workday (with pay) per month to volunteer at a non-profit but in return must report on their participation each month.
  • Any employee can request to add a non-profit to our community outreach program as long as the program compliments the mission of UPcycled City.

Corporate giving/support:

Revenue generated by UPcycled City will allow us to support the following organizations by donating time and services. The current list of non-profits in our Community Service program include:

  • LA Food Bank
  • My Friend’s Place
  • Para Los Ninos

Social Community:

UPcycled City is also a social community that promotes and teaches the social values and environmental benefits of Upcycling as:

  • A solution to our global waste problem
  • A profitable way to divert waste from landfills
  • A way to reduce the use of both virgin and non-renewable resources
  • A way to close the Recycling loop
  • A process that can be practiced as a DIY, as a handicraft business or in a mass produced manufacturing process

In addition we seek to create a community through our Community section where we provide Articles and DIY how-to projects.