About UPcycled City™

At UPcycled City, we help solve the problem of waste by teaching people how Upcycling closes the recycling loop and lessens our use of virgin and resources that cannot be replenished. By promoting the practice of Upcycling, we also seek to show how we can minimize the damage done to our environment by diverting waste from our landfills, oceans and reduce GHG emissions and climate change.

Definition of Upcycling:

The definition of Upcycling is the repurposing of used or discarded materials into new products with a higher value.

Mission Statement:

To create a global community for all those seeking a more sustainable world through the innovative repurposing of waste or discarded materials into new useful products of a higher value. We are dedicated to social, ethical and environmental responsibility for all our stakeholders.

Company Vision:

Teaching our members how the re-purposing of waste or discarded materials through innovation and Upcycling will result in bringing social, ethical and environmental responsibility to the global community.

Sustainable Supply Chain Commitment:

By offering a certified and exclusive e-commerce platform, we seek to provide Upcyclers with a platform where they can market their products without having to compete with non-Upcycling handicrafters.

We also seek to help educate our members on how the practice of Upcycling will help reduce waste.

Key Metrics:

  • The pounds of waste materials that are diverted from landfills through Upcycling.
  • Amount of water used
  • Types of chemicals used
  • Types of energy used
  • UPcycling as Waste Management:

  • A Cradle-to-Cradle solution toward zero waste
  • A profitable way to divert waste from landfills and reduce GHG emissions
  • A way to reduce our use of water, energy and reliance on both virgin and non-renewable resources
  • A way to eliminate down-cycling while closing the recycling loop
  • A way to reduce the ecological impact and climate change
  • Seller Services:

  • Seller Shops are free but sales are commission based
  • We offer exclusive Marketing & Advertising services
  • See FAQs for Selling for more details